5 Questions . Jess Cochrane

5 Questions with Jess Cochrane . 26 May 2017


When were you last moved by art? For us, it was when we came across emerging artist Jess Cochrane‘s work. And wow, such beautiful pieces they are. With the seriously recognisable style of painterly, pink hued brush strokes over photographs, her work has been exhibited widely across Australia, including the highly coveted Brisbane Powerhouse.


Jess took a one-minute interval and answered 5 of our questions about her and her practice


Where did you grow up? 

Born and raised in the Capital.


When did you start becoming interested in visual art? What got you into painting? 

I’ve always been interested in it I think. I was always drawing and making stuff as a kid. It’s just always been a part of me. I started painting professionally only two or so years ago. I got into it because it felt like the right path.


What is the ethos of your practice? 

To change the way we consume visual information relative to popular culture. By gesturally painting over the top of a photograph I’m rejecting a societal pressure and a perfectionist nature. The work pushes viewers to think twice about what they consider ‘beautiful’ to look like. It’s about creating a more inclusive space to have this conversation.


How did you develop your signature style of painterly brushwork over photographs? 

I developed it throughout uni. It’s still developing but it requires being active in working and exploring new ideas.


What’s planned for the future? (Where can we see your work exhibited next?)

Lookout for The Landsdowne Hotel. 


To learn more about Jess Cochrane’s work, visit jesscochrane.com and follow @jesscochranepaints_ on instagram. For purchasing enquiries, please contact chris@ha-ven.com


Jess wears Astrom Knit Dress by Interval .


Photos by Jess Cochrane . Words by Kara Liu and Jess Cochrane .

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