Next of Kin

Next of Kin . 20 February 2017


Some would say that creativity runs in the family. It is certainly true for the mother-daughter duo behind our latest homeware find. In the first entry of our ‘Brands We Love’ Series, we invite you to enjoy a quiet moment with handmade ceramic brand Next of Kin.


Founded in 2016 by Fiona (mother) and Suzanne (daughter), the pair joined forces to bring into the world a simple, loveable pottery mug that they hope will spread a positive message about slowing down and paying attention to life’s little moments. Each Next of Kin mug is handcrafted and stoneware fired by Fiona in their North Queensland studio, making every mug a little bit different and one of a kind.


This time consuming, handmade process informs Next of Kin’s ethos of paying attention to the little things, slowing down and taking a step back from the chaos of life. While sipping a morning coffee before starting the day, why not embrace a quiet moment in between, and be reminded of the magic of stillness and simplicity. We couldn’t help being drawn to a philosophy that shares such similar values to our own.


We see so many beautiful tableware these days, but Next of Kin had us falling in love with their wares – clean, refined, yet loveable with a rustic warmth that comes only with objects handmade with attention and care.


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Words by Kara Liu .  Photos by Suzanne Pilcher .

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